FACTA 2019 Forensic & Clinical Toxicology Association
Sunday 16 - Wednesday 19 June 2019
InterContinental Adelaide, South Australia, AUS.

Tuesday 18 June 2019

0900-1000 Keynote 2: Dr Marc LeBeau, FBI, USA
When bad things happen to good Labs: The cause-effect mapping approach to Root Cause Analysis
1000-1030 Session 5: New Analytical Methods
OP-16 1000 Simplified method for Urine drug screening using MS3 library matching for fast turnaround analysis without time consuming Hydrolysis.
Steve Wilson1, Sebastien Goetz2, Marcus Meyer2, Carsten Baessmann2
1 Bruker Pty Ltd, Melbourne Australia
2 Bruker Daltonik GmBH, Bremen, Germany
OP-17 1015 Surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy towards low level detection of drugs
Rhiannon Alder1, Linda Xiao1, Shanlin Fu1
1 Centre for Forensic Science, University of Technology Sydney, Sydney, Australia
1030-1100 Morning Tea & Coffee break
1100-1230 Session 6: New Analytical Methods
OP-18 1100 Adulterant detection in herbal dietary supplements marketed to enhance male sexual performance
Ahmad Yusri Mohd Yusop1,2, Linda Xiao1, Shanlin Fu1
1 Centre for Forensic Science, University of Technology Sydney, Ultimo, NSW, Australia
2 Pharmacy Enforcement Division, Ministry of Health, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
OP-19 1115 Development of non-targeted screening strategies for synthetic opioids
Joshua Klingberg1, Adam Cawley2, Ronald Shimmon1, Daniel Pasin1, Chris Fouracre3, Shanlin Fu1
1 Centre for Forensic Science, University of Technology Sydney, Sydney, New South Wales
2 Australian Racing Forensic Laboratory, Racing NSW, Sydney, New South Wales
3 Agilent Technologies, Mulgrave, Victoria
OP-20 1130 The use of LC-QTOF/MS to aid in tentative identification of unknowns in toxicology samples
Hsiao Tung Leong, Chia Min Lee, Yi Ju Yao
Analytical Toxicology Laboratory, Clinical & Forensic Toxicology unit, Health Sciences Authority, Singapore
OP-21 1145 Rapid detection of illicit drugs from non-invasive biological matrices using nanomaterial based SALDI-MS
Rajpreet S. Minhas1, David Rudd1, Nicolas H. Voelcker1
1 Monash University, Victoria, Australia
OP-22 1200 Full automation of drugs of abuse analysis in urine
Jordan Ong, Ling Mei Ng, Yi Ju Yao, Chi Pang Lui, Hooi Yan Moy
Drug Abuse Testing unit, Analytical Toxicology Laboratory, Health Sciences Authority, Singapore
OP-23 1215 Novel method for the determination of phyto- and synthetic cannabinoids in wastewater using liquid-liquid extraction and liquid chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry
Aaron Pandopulos1, Richard Bade1, Jason White1, Cobus Gerber1
1 School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences, University of South Australia, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
1230-1330 Lunch Break & Live TOXPOD
Emerging risks in Toxicology (1245-1325)

Timothy Scott1, 2 & Peter Stockham 1, 2, Mark LeBeau3
1Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia
2Forensic Science SA, Adelaide, Australia
1330-1500 Session 7: New Analytical Methods & NPS
OP-24 1330 Doubly charged ions in LC-ESI-MS – implications for quantitative and qualitative methods using clozapine and norclozapine as examples
Stephen Trobbiani1, Alan Pollnitz1, Timothy Scott1,2, Chris Kostakis1
1 Forensic Science SA; 2Flinders University of South Australia
OP-25 1345 Suffering from suppression? Techniques to mitigate the presence of phospholipids in biological fluids during LC-MS analysis
Hayley Scrivens
Merck Pty Ltd, Bayswater, Victoria, Australia
OP-26 1400 Consideration of endogenous and exogenous matrix effects during method development and validation: implications for quantitative analysis.
Timothy Scott1,2, Chris Kostakis1, Christine Nash1
1 Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia
2 Forensic Science SA, Adelaide, Australia
OP-27 1415 The development of an untargeted metabolomics assay for cerebrospinal fluids using LC-MS/MS
Jingya (Jinni) Yan1, Unnikrishnan Kuzhiumparambil2, Sushil Bandodkar3, Shanlin Fu1
1 Centre for Forensic Science, University of Technology Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
2 Climate Change Cluster, University of Technology Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
3 Department of Biochemistry, The Children's Hospital at Westmead, New South Wales, Australia
OP-28 1430 Tracking down the unknown NPS and what's new on the West Coast
David Brown
ChemCentre, Perth, Western Australia
OP-29 1445 The use of mobile phone applications for colour spot test detection of 25-NBOMe compounds
Laura Clancy1, Ronald Shimmon1, Shanlin Fu1
1 Centre for Forensic Science, University of Technology Sydney, Broadway, Australia
1500-1530 Afternoon Tea & Coffee break
1530-1700 Session 8: Novel Psychoactive Substances
OP-30 1530 Thermal degradation of the synthetic cannabinoid Cumyl-PEGACLONE
Christine Nash1, Linda Glowacki2, Dimitri Gerostamoulos2,3, Paul Pigou1,4, Tim Scott1,4, Chris Kostakis1
1 Forensic Science SA, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
2 Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine, Monash University, Victoria, Australia
3 Department of Forensic Medicine, Monash University, Southbank, Victoria, Australia
4 Flinders University of South Australia, Bedford Park, South Australia, Australia
OP-31 1545 Ultra-Fast Characterization of Novel Synthetic Opioids using a Data-Independent Acquisition Analytical Workflow
Brad T. Patterson1, Alexandre Wang2, Oscar G. Cabrices3, Alex J. Krotulski4, Tais R. Fiorentin4, Barry K. Logan4
1 SCIEX, Australia, 2/2 Gilda Ct Mulgrave
2 SCIEX, Concord, Ontario, Canada
3 SCIEX, Redwood City, CA USA
4 The Center for Forensic Science Research and Education at the Fredric Rieders Family Foundation, Willow Grove, PA, USA
OP-32 1600 No Sleeping on the Job – An update on new benzodiazepines detected in Queensland
Amanda Thompson1, Julie Bergeon1, Annette Edser1, Giuseppe Scuderi1, Nathan Milne1
1Queensland Health Forensic and Scientific Services, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
OP-33 1615 Metabolomic approaches for enhanced equine anti-doping
Bethany Keen1, Adam Cawley2, Chris Fouracre3, Nigel Simpson3, Shanlin Fu1
1 Centre for Forensic Science, University of Technology Sydney, Sydney, Australia
2 Australian Racing Forensic Laboratory, Racing NSW, Sydney, Australia
3 Agilent Technologies, Sydney, Australia
OP-34 1630 Roid the rainbow: presumptive colour test development for anabolic – androgenic steroids in seized drug material
Andrew Luong1, Wynss Yue2, Ronald Shimmon1, Shanlin Fu1
1 Centre for Forensic Science, University of Technology Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
2 Australian Federal Police, New South Wales, Australia
OP-35 1645 The feasibility of illicit drug monitoring in an emergency department setting: data from a 15 month pilot study.
Sam Alfred1,Peter Stockham2,3, Emma Partridge2, Andrew Camilleri2, Chris Kostakis2.
1 Royal Adelaide Hospital Emergency Department, Adelaide SA, Australia
2 Forensic Science SA, Adelaide SA, Australia
3 Flinders University, Bedford Park, SA, Australia
1700 End of Day 2
1900-2300 FACTA2019 Banquet Dinner
Jamie's Italian Restaurant