FACTA 2019 Forensic & Clinical Toxicology Association
Sunday 16 - Wednesday 19 June 2019
InterContinental Adelaide, South Australia, AUS.

Host Information

Forensic and Clinical Toxicology Association Inc.

(FACTA Inc).

FACTA Inc was established in July 2010 by Professor Olaf Drummer, Victoria – Australia. The association represents the professional interests of practitioners engaged in the conduct of forensic and clinical toxicology in Australia and our regional neighbours.

FACTA Statement of purpose:

  • Create a scientific forum to disseminate knowledge of the principles and practice of forensic and clinical toxicology and related drug testing disciplines.
  • To advance the study and practice of forensic and clinical toxicology in Australasia.
  • To protect and promote the interests of forensic and clinical toxicology.
  • To allow students the opportunity to network and gain exposure within toxicology and expand on postgraduate studies.
  • To host a biennial FACTA Inc conference within Australia.

For further information please contact us at secretary@facta.org.au.